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RAF Eagle Squadrons       

Over a year before the United States entered World War II, American volunteers began flying with three “Eagle” squadrons of the Royal Air Force. Over the nearly two years of the Eagle Squadrons’ existence, 245 American pilots were assigned to one of these RAF units and nearly half were killed or taken prisoner. In 1989 at the urging of The Friends’ president, Brig. Gen. Phil Caine, USAF (Ret.), the Eagle Squadron Association designated the McDermott Library as its official record depository.

Wilson Edwards

In 1989, Brig. Gen. Phil Caine of The Friends persuaded the Eagle Squadron Association to make the McDermott Library its official depository. In 2009, The Friends were instrumental in the acquisition of his collection of photos, aircraft manuals, and other documents.

Laurence S. Kuter

Kuter was a brilliant planner and leader. As a major in August 1941, he was one of four principal authors of the plan that guided the use of air power in World War II. Later that year he became the youngest brigadier general in the Army. His career included command of Military Air Transport Service, Pacific Air Forces, Air University, and North American Air Defense Command.