Walter Steck

Stalag Luft III


Late in 2020, the Friends was pleased to be able to assist with the donation of unique Stalag Luft III materials from Mrs. Ulana Steck of Toronto, Canada, namely The Wartime Log of Walter (Wally) Steck. Lt. Walter Steck (Ulana’s late husband) was a POW in Stalag Luft III, 1944-1945. In the camp he was the leader of the band “The Flying Syncopators,” and together with others, put on several shows for the prisoners. The collection includes some 40 pages of drawings, original poems/songs, and illustrated showbills. This collection provides a valuable and unusual insight into the prisoners’ lives as POWs and is a wonderful addition to the Academy’s collection of Stalag Luft III memorabilia.


Tribute to Downed Airmen


Poem/Song of the P-47 Thunderbolt

Poem of the POW

Flying Syncopators Band Members

The B-24 Liberator

Playbill for a 4th of July Finale Show

Playbill for a Barrel of Fun Show