Friends History Timeline

Friends Annual Luncheon 2002

The Board of Directors of The Friends of the Air Force Academy Library held its annual luncheon meeting on May 9, 2002. This was the first year to combine the annual meeting and luncheon. The guest speaker for this year’s luncheon was Colonel James Shaw, CEO of the USAFA Association of Graduates.

Friends of the Air Force Academy Library


Left to Right: Colonel & Mrs. Dick Rauschkolb, Brig. General Philip Caine, Mr. Duane Reed, & Mrs. Doris Caine Mrs. Pearl Swofford Colonel Tom Personett &
Dr. Edward Scott

Colonel Tom & Gilda Personett, &
Lt. Colonel Dona Hildebrand
Colonel Jock Schwank &
Colonel Lee Black
Ms. Ruth Whitaker &
Colonel Bill Mahon

Lt. Colonel Naomi McCracken &
Brig. General George Fagan
Brig. General Erlind Royer &
Mr. Will Ketterson
Brig. General Philip Caine,
Master of Ceremonies

Guest Speaker Colonel Jim Shaw,
Brig. General Erlind Royer, Mrs. Doris Caine, & Brig. General David Wagie Brig. General David Wagie &
Dr. Edward Scott