Friends History Timeline

Friends Annual Luncheon 2006

The Board of Directors of The Friends of the Air Force Academy Library held its annual meeting on May 17, 2006.

President Clark, opened the meeting. After the formal opening Secretary Phil Caine briefly reviewed the activities of The Friends during the past year. He placed special emphasis on the role of The Friends as the keepers of the Academy’s heritage, the continuation of the oral history program with Word One, Inc., the acquisition of the papers of the first Superintendent, Lt. Gen. Hubert R. Harmon, the bequest to The Friends from the estate of Maj. Gen. Richard Yudkin, and the publication of a revision of Brig. Gen. George V. Fagan’s book on the history of the Academy.

This year’s speaker, Academy Superintendent Lt. Gen. John F. Regni, gave a very informative and well-received talk on both the broad issues facing the Academy and the place of the Library in particular.

Friends of the Air Force Academy Library Board of Directors

Standing: Will Ketterson, Henry Kortemeyer, Ed Scott, Dona Hildebrand, Dick Rauschkolb, Susan Stone Woodward, Phil Caine, Lindy Royer, Duane Reed, Mary Elizabeth Ruwell, Jock Schwank, Don White, Christie Schwank, Jim Gaston, Skip Scott .    Seated: Lt. General A. P. Clark.

Brig. General Erlind Royer, Lorraine Bennett, & Donna Hildebrand Will Ketterson & Skip Scott Dick Rauschkolb & Jim Gaston

Donald White, Lt. General A. P. Clark, & Lorraine Bennett Christie Schwank & Colonel Jock Schwank Henry Kortemeyer, Jim Gaston, & Duane Reed

Pearl Swofford, Gilda Personett, & ? ?, Susan Stone Woodward, & Betty Mahon ?, Naomi McCracken, & Russ Meacham

John Beardsley & Don Barrett Charlotte Baron, Patty Maher, & Bob Baron Brig. General Phil Caine &
Colonel Jim Shaw

?, ?, & Jan Royer Henry & Dona Kortemeyer Brig. General Dana Born & ?

?, Colonel Dan Litwhiler, & ?

? & Peggy Litwhiler Susan Stone Woodward

? & Steve Maffeo Pearl Swofford & Lt. General A. P. Clark Pearl Swofford, ?, ?

Johnny Whitaker, Debby Regni, & ? Audrey & Jesse Gatlin & Monica Scott Doris Caine, Dick Rauschkolb, & ?

Brig. General Phil Caine
Master of Ceremonies
  Lt. General John F. Regni
Guest Speaker

General Clark presents General Regni with a copy of The Genesis of Flight